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Holistic Health Coaching 

A transformative program custom built around your unique needs & lifestyle to help revive your body & mind from the inside out so you can finally shed weight & stress & feel your best


Does the Following Sound Familiar? You...

  • Have tried countless diets, struggled to lose weight, and eventually gave up because it was impossible to maintain

  • Are confused by all the contradicting information about what is actually healthy long term and right for you 

  • Want more energy & to stop relying on caffeine/sugar to make it through the day  

  • Are struggling with adult acne, or have dry, dull skin & hair  

  • Are frequently bloated, experience awful PMS, mood swings, unexplained irritability or feelings of anxiety

  • Are you lacking confidence or sex drive, feeling unfulfilled in your relationships or career, and wanting more out of life

Hi, I'm Sabina! I Know Exactly How You Feel...

When I first moved to NYC, the stress of my finance job really took a toll on my health. I struggled with weight gain, acne, bloating, anxiety and lack of energy & confidence

  • I thought I was eating "healthy," by counting calories and carbs, and only eating "low-fat" foods.

  • I thought it was a normal part of being a woman to break out & feel bloated and self-conscious all day. 

  • I thought about food all the time. Guilt over what I already ate, anxiety over what I was going to eat next. 

  • I thought I was crazy for feeling "off" and tired, since none of the doctors I saw were able to find something "wrong."

Many years, countless diets, & wasted dollars later...I finally discovered the secret to genuine health and happiness. I achieved all my health goals and have maintained them over time. I reversed the damage of chronic inflammation on my body. I rid my body of chronic stress. All while working on Wall Street...and still having a social life. 

Since then, through my coaching, I have helped dozens of other people transform their bodies and minds from the inside out, cut the negative self-talk and fall in love with the person in the mirror.

No diets. No deprivation. No disappointment.   

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 Imagine What it Would Feel Like if You Could...

The face I make when I was supposed to b
What is the best relationship advice you
  • Take off that cover up confidently & show off the bikini you've been dying to wear for years

  • Have all of your friends/family ask what you've been doing because you look glowing and seem so much happier

  • Stop needing to buy new clothes or take 100 photos to find the right angle, because every side is your good side

  • Lose weight and keep it off without fad diets or giving up all your favorite foods 

  • Get the glowing skin, hair & nails that you've always dreamed of, and love yourself more

  • Have better sex, deeper relationships and the confidence to go after all you have ever wanted in this life   


What is Included?

Customized Health Plan

You will receive a custom nutrition, fitness & lifestyle plan built just for you. Learn how to eat intuitively & what unique foods (on & off the plate) your body & mind needs to feel nourished. You will be taught my holistic approach to healing stress and increasing happiness.

Green Juice

Support & Accountability 


I will guide you every step of the way. With weekly 1 on 1 calls, and around the clock support, you will not give up on yourself. I will hold you accountable and keep you motivated, so you succeed


Recipes, Workouts & Meditations


I will curate & share all my favorite recipes, workouts & meditations to make this holistic transformation process as simple as possible for you. Think of me as your one-stop guide to the world of wellness.

Beach Meditation

Individual Coaching is Right for You Are Tired of...

  • Dieting and ready to finally see visible results that you can maintain

  • Feeling like a failure every time you fall back into your old bad habits and ready to succeed

  • Band-aids, magic pills and quick fixes and ready for a holistic transformation of your body and mind

  • Negative self talk, and ready to show up as the strong, sexy and confident woman you know you are 

Want to work together?



Spots are limited. Click the link below to apply.

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