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Do You Want to Lose Weight for Your Wedding?

Wedding Wellness is a 90 day group coaching program designed to help busy brides & their squad achieve their dream bodies so they can look & feel their best for the big day and sustain the results for life! 

Congratulations, are engaged! I could not be more excited for you and your partner.

I know that you have been looking forward to this day for a long time & how badly you want every detail to be perfect...including yourself.


There are a lot of unhealthy ways to lose weight for your wedding, but I want to show you that there is a better way...

A way that will actually be sustainable for life & still have your fiancé wondering how he ever got so lucky. 


Does the Following Sound Familiar? You...

  • Are a bride to be, bridesmaid or mom of the bride/groom that wants to feel confident, & look sexy & glowing for the wedding 

  • Want to lose weight & get toned but do not want to go to unhealthy extremes (& risk turning into a hangry bridezilla) to get there

  • Find yourself stress eating anytime something goes wrong with planning, quarantine has been an especially hard time for you

  • Cannot believe how much it is going to cost to document this day and you want to look amazing in every photo/video 

  • See other women doing boudoir photo shoots and would love to do something like that but lacking the confidence in yourself 

  • Are worried about looking bloated at your wedding or bachelorette the second you eat anything

  • Want to invest this special time on yourself, to achieve your dream body in a healthy way, so that you feel amazing not just for the one day but so you can sustain the results for the rest of your happily ever after

You Can Look & Feel Amazing


Hi, I'm Sabina!

Your Coach & Fellow Bride To Be...

I cannot be more excited to marry the love of my life in May 2022!

I am a Health Coach, Fitness Instructor & Behavior Change Expert that has helped dozens of women make their dream bodies a reality and fall in love with themselves. 

I recently found a lot of brides coming to me looking to lose weight for the big day, but going about it in a totally unhealthy way. After speaking to so many brides, I saw there was a big need for a healthier alternative. A way for busy brides to lose weight, get amazing results, but not hurt their long-term health in the process.

I also wanted to make the process FUN! So I created Wedding Wellness to share all my secrets that I have used to help dozens of women lose weight & feel amazing...but custom built to fit the needs of a bride & her tribe.

When you join Wedding Wellness you are joining an incredible community of brides, all working hard to achieve the same goals as you. You will make amazing friendships, stay accountable & have the best time of your life getting ready for the most memorable day of your life. 

I cannot wait to go on this journey together.


Wedding Wellness

Wedding Wellness is a 90 day group coaching program designed to help busy brides & their squad achieve their dream bodies so they can look & feel their best for the big day and sustain the results for life! 

What is Included?

Nutrition & Fitness Plan

Learn my signature method of eating unprocessed. Receive suggested meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, workouts & meditations all aimed at getting you in the best shape of your life without deprivation, dieting or spending hours a day at the gym.

Expert Guidance & Accountability

This is so much more than just a meal plan or fitness program. You'll have my expert guidance every step of the way. You will take part in a live weekly group coaching call where you will have the opportunity to ask questions & receive live support. You will also have access to a private Facebook group for daily accountability. 

Community Support

You will join a community of fellow brides, all with the same goal in mind. The energy will be contagious. With this much support, love & accountability, you will succeed in ways you never thought possible.

First Group Launches April 12th.


All Founding Members Will Be Able to Join at a Discounted Rate.

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Spots Are Extremely Limited.

Let's Do This Together!

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